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Types of Cases

I represented an airline mechanic who was taken out of work by a company doctor when he was discovered to have a genetic condition that is ultimately fatal.  Although the condition was progressive, it was slow in developing and did not impact Harry’s ability to perform his job duties other than preclude him from working at heights.  I was able to get him back to work at the airline with a financial settlement for his claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and he was able to continue on for more than ten years before being able to retire with full benefits.

Ann Warner was a paraprofessional for the Aurora School District who suffered a serious injury to her wrist after she was assaulted by a student. After a number of surgeries she was able to return to work but was required to wear a brace and was not able to lift more than a few pounds.  Fortunately, her job did not require her to perform heavy lifting.  However, after a new administrator was hired by the school district Ann was fired because the administrator believed she could not perform her duties due to her injury.  I took her case to trial and she received a verdict in her favor for a violation of the ADA.  She went on to successfully work at a different school district in the same capacity.

Another client of mine was a manager at a large national discount warehouse.  Hilton Ridley complained to upper management about what he felt was racially discriminatory treatment.  Shortly afterwards he was demoted for a safety violation.  As part of the demotion he was transferred to a different location.  Within weeks he was written up three times for petty rule infractions.  The last one placed him on notice that his job was in jeopardy and, seeing the writing on the wall, he tendered his resignation.  A federal jury in Philadelphia held he had been constructively discharged in retaliation for his complaint of race discrimination under Title VII and awarded him $200,000 in emotional distress.