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Did Your Employer Violate Your FMLA Rights? My Firm Can Help You Fight Back.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid but job-protected leave for qualifying employees who need time off to welcome a new child or to care for themselves or an immediate family member with a serious health condition. This program provides much-needed relief to individuals and families facing major life events.

Unfortunately, workers who take this leave are too often subjected to discrimination,Discrimination demotion, firing and other adverse employment actions that violate FMLA protections. If your employer violated your rights under the FMLA, The Law Office of Ralph Lamar can help you seek justice and compensation. I bring over 32 years of experience to each case, and my firm only represents employees in job-related disputes.

Frequent Communication With Your Employer Is Critical

I often tell clients that their FMLA case can be won or lost based on evidence of communication with their employer. When you take FMLA leave, it is critical to communicate with your employer frequently and document that communication as carefully as possible. This includes:

  • Sending text messages, emails and other written communications discussing what is needed for compliance with FMLA leave
  • Keeping records of these written communications, including evidence of what actions were taken, what each party said and when these conversations and actions took place
  • Keeping records of dates and times of phone calls and descriptions of what was discussed

Regular communication with your employer is a good way to ensure that you are meeting all FMLA requirements, reducing the likelihood that your employer will try to fire you or take another adverse action against you. More importantly, however, evidence of regular communication is what will allow us to hold your employer accountable for violating your rights under the FMLA.

Be Explicit With Your Employer About Taking FMLA Leave

One of the biggest mistakes employees make is in failing to ensure that their employers know they are taking time off for an FMLA-approved condition. When you need time off related to your FMLA leave, you must inform your employer that this is why you’ll be gone. As mentioned above, it is best to do this in writing whenever possible. Failing to take this small but important step could jeopardize your legal claim.

Don’t Wait To Take Action – Contact Me For A Free Discussion Of Your Case

Cases alleging violations of your FMLA rights need to be addressed in a timely manner and with the help of an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Ralph Lamar is based in Allentown, and I have been helping clients in central and eastern Pennsylvania for more than three decades. To discuss your case with me during a free initial consultation, you can reach out online or call me at 610-424-2454.