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I have over 32 years of experience and am tenacious in helping my clients achieve results that fairly compensate them for the unlawful discrimination, harassment or any retaliation they may have suffered.

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I am attorney Ralph Lamar, and I am here to help protect and assert your rights. As an employment law attorney with decades of experience, my thorough approach enables me to gather and analyze information that serves as a solid basis for your case. I will help ensure the protection of your rights and fair treatment by your employer and the court.

I have deep roots in Pennsylvania. I also maintain professional connections, including an ongoing co-counseling relationship with another top employment lawyer.

My proven track record of success, including numerous jury verdicts, exemplifies my skill at handling employment law matters. I am a member of several professional organizations, including the National Employment Lawyers Association, the Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund and the American Diabetes Association’s Advocacy Attorney Network. By devoting significant time and resources to each case, I can help and strive to maximize the chances of a positive outcome for each client.

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Helping clients throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania overcome employment law obstacles.

Take A Stand Against Workplace Discrimination And Harassment

Employment law is complex. It is frequently not well understood by the defense lawyers or the judges assigned to your case. Additionally, the law has developed piecemeal throughout the country, so it differs from one geographic region to another. As a result, taking legal action against your employer can be intimidating.

Workplace discrimination and harassment can damage your mental and physical health. If your employer retaliates against you for speaking out, it can cost you your job. You have the right to be free of discrimination and harassment and take a stand by fighting back.

Defending and protecting your rights is my priority. As your attorney, I will guide you through the process and provide a high-quality representation you can trust.

How Do You Know If You Have A Case?

Types Of Cases

I Represent A Variety Of Employment Law Clients

I represented Harry, an airline mechanic removed from the workforce by a company doctor after learning that Harry had a fatal genetic condition. Even though Harry’s genetic disease was progressive, it developed slowly. It did not impact Harry’s ability to perform his job duties other than precluding him from working at heights. I was able to get Harry back to work at the airline with a financial settlement for his claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He continued for more than ten years before retiring with full benefits.

Ann Warner was a paraprofessional for the Aurora school district who suffered a severe injury to her wrist after a student assaulted her. After several surgeries, she was able to return to work. However, she was required to wear a brace and could not lift more than a few pounds. Fortunately, her job did not require her to perform heavy lifting. However, after the school district hired a new administrator, Ann was fired because the administrator believed she could not perform her duties due to her injury. I took her case to trial, and she received a verdict in her favor for violations of the ADA. She successfully worked at a different school district in the same capacity.

Another client of mine, Hilton Ridley, was a manager at a large national discount warehouse. Hilton complained to upper management about what he felt was racially discriminatory treatment. Shortly afterward, he was demoted for a safety violation and transferred to a different location. Within weeks he was written up three times for petty rule infractions. The last one placed him on a notice that his job was in jeopardy. Seeing the writing on the wall, he resigned. A federal jury in Philadelphia held he had been discharged in retaliation for his race discrimination complaint under Title VII. The jury awarded him $200,000 due to Hilton’s suffering of emotional distress.

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